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welcome to the world's first

liquor instant freezing machine


the machine

Open up a world of possibilities for events, clubs, bars and restaurants by freezing any type of liquor up to 40% of alcohol in less than two minutes without any chemical transformation nor additives.


Get the ufrost experience

Express your creativity or reinvent your classics with a Ufrost frozen cocktail. Shapes and colors now fuse with taste and imagination making the possibilites infinite.

Frozen shots bring the art of cocktails to a whole new level. The explosion of flavors, accompanied by the strong taste of alcohol quickly overcomes the initial coldness surprise.


What are your needs?


Mix to impress. Whether you want to push your mixology or cooking skills to the next level or want to shock your customers with the detail that everyone's going to talk about the next day,

Ufrost is the way



Bring the art of preparing cocktails to a different level: below zero

Unleash your creativity by exploring and reinventing textures, flavors and customers’ experience. Freeze your original creations easily in less than a minute. You can even pour different mixtures at once to offer variety.


venue owners

Possess the unbelievable power of freezing alcohol instantly

Be part of history. Amaze your customers with this innovative, unique and ergonomic device by creating a visual and tasteful experience for them. It's simple, flexible, effective and you can take it anywhere since no electricity is required.


unleash your creativity

Rediscover classic cocktails with a new texture and an explosion of flavors. Keep them simple, but give them the finesse they deserve.  Try them like a popsicle or chill your favourite cocktail without diluting it


about us

Founded in June 2016, Ether Innovations is a small and dynamic start-up organization and family business.  The two cousin founders, Julien Michalk and Claude-Marie Blanchard,  have worked together over the last year to make the impossible possible:  freeze alcohol.


julien michalk

Julien, the inventor, is a young engineer involved in the bar industry for more than seven years.

claude-marie blanchard

Claude-Marie is a well versed executive with over 20 years of experience in a large manufacturing organization where she occupied key roles in various functions.


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For more information about the product, pricing, and availability, please contact us by filling this form. Our team will soon get back to you to explore the Ufrost's world of possibilities.

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